Enliven LIMA 2019, PTDI Show N219 Until CN235 Gunship

Enliven LIMA 2019, PTDI Show N219 Until CN235 Gunship
CN235-220 gunship model aircraft made by PTDI. Image source: PTDI.

avten.asia The biennial exhibition event, the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) was held again in Malaysia. Lasted from March 26-30 2019, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) who participated in enlivening the event featured a number of their flagship products.

The list of products displayed by PTDI among others, consists of CN235-220, NC212i, N219 Nurtanio up to Maintencance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) aircraft. Another PTDI product that will be the highlight of this event is the CN235-220 Gunship aircraft.

The CN235 Gunship aircraft is powered by the General Electric CT7-9C3 turboprop engines. Its weapon system uses a single 30mm caliber canon and is equipped with sponson undercarriage.

PTDI developed CN235 Gunship aircraft based on market needs. This aircraft is capable to do several missions, such as; aerial fire support for ground forces, Combat SAR, sea surveillance and border line patrols.

According to PTDI, some countries that have the potential to become users of this CN235 Gunship aircraft, namely; the Philippines, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Senegal.

"PTDI's participation in this routine biennial event is one of the efforts to expand marketing and increase sales of various products and services that have been produced so far," said the Corporate Communications and Promotion Manager, PTDI, Adi Prastowo in his official statement on Monday (3/25/2019) afternoon.

LIMA 2019 is held in two separate locations. For aerospace exhibitions held at Mahsuri International Exhibition Center (MIEC), while for maritime exhibitions at Resort World Langkawi (RWL).