TNI AU Receives CN295 Special Mission Aircraft from PTDI

TNI AU Receives CN295 Special Mission Aircraft from PTDI
CN295 Special Mission aircraft with production number AX-2911 that ordered by TNI AU at the PTDI facility area, Bandung. Image source: PTDI. - Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) received a shipment of one CN295 Special Mission aircraft from Indonesian Aerospace (PTDI), Thursday (6/27/2019). Ferry flights were carried out from Husein Sastranegara, Bandung towards Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta.

This is the 10th similar type of aircraft sent by PTDI, according to the order of TNI AU. The procurement of the aircraft was carried out under the sale and purchase contract signed by the Ministry of Defense and PTDI on December 23, 2015.

The Director of Technology and Development of PTDI, Gita Amperiawan revealed, with the submission of the CN295 Special Mission it is hoped that it can improve the performance of TNI AU in every operation.

"Hopefully it can improve the performance of TNI AU in every air operation. We feel proud to be able to provide support for the needs of the Government, "said Gita when the ferry flight ceremony was in the PTDI Delivery Center hangar.

CN295 is an aircraft produced by industrial cooperation between PTDI and Airbus Defense & Space (ADS). The development was carried out in the PTDI production area in Bandung, West Java.

This aircraft is the result of the development of the CN235 type. The fuselage was extended by three meters, so it was able to carry 50 passengers.

CN295 uses the latest engine, the Pratt & Whitney PW127G turboprop which equipped six Hamilton Standard 586-F propeller blades.

The unit sent was the 11th CN295 aircraft produced by PTDI. The 10th aircraft produced was sent to the Republic of Indonesia Air Police Directorate.


CN295 Special Mission aircraft can accommodate 3 consoles, and actually is a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) version. The aircraft is equipped with a Search Radar that can detect small targets up to 200 NM (Nautical Mile).

The CN295 is a middle-class transport aircraft that can carry 71 troops with a lateral seat installed.

The aircraft is also equipped with Automatic Identification System (AIS), an automatic tracking system to identify and locate ships. The tool is also able to determine the position of the object.

In addition, the aircraft is also equipped with an IFF Interegator, an identification system designed to recognize opponents or friends, and also equipped with SATCOM, a satellite communication system.