The second prototype N219 Nurtanio Successfully made its first flight

The second prototype N219 Nurtanio Successfully made its first flight
The inaugural flight of the second prototype of the N219 Nurtanio aircraft registered PK-XDP on Friday (12/21/2018). Image source: PTDI/Bambang Haryanta.

The second prototype of N219 Nurtanio planes has successfully made its first flight test on Friday (12/21/2018). Airplane flights developed by indigenous aircraft industries (PT Dirgantara Indonesia/PTDI) airs about 20 minutes.

In the flight test the airplane, PTDI Chief Test Pilot, Capt. Esther Gayatri Saleh took the role as Pilot in Command (PIC), while Capt. Ervan Gustanto as First Officer (FO).

The flight also included Yustinus Kus Wardana and Adriwiyanto as Flight Test Engineers (FTE), to ensure that each flight testing phase was carried out as it should.

The second prototype N219 took off from Husein Sastranegara Airport runway at 07.50AM (local time). The flight route is carried out over the Saguling Reservoir, West Bandung Regency towards Sukabumi. After flying according to the route, the plane then returned to the airport and landed at around 08.10AM.

Esther admitted, there were differences that were felt when flying the second prototype of N219 plane.

"Much better than the first, because we have data from the first (prototype). Of course there is a greater improvement here, one of which is flight control improvement, "she explained.

The Head of the PTDI Technology Center Division (Program Manager for aircraft N219), Palmana Banandhi revealed, PTDI used two aircraft prototypes to speed up the flight test certification process. He said, the two aircraft prototypes had their respective missions.

He explained, the first prototype of the N219 Nurtanio aircraft would undergo a series of tests. Among others, completing performance testing and structural testing. While the second prototype will be used for a number testing systems such as avionic systems, electrical systems, flight control and propulsion systems.

"With the use of two prototypes as a vehicle for flight test certification, all flight test activities can be optimized. Because it is not only based on one plane. This makes it possible to achieve a Type Certified in 2019," he said.

In addition to two prototypes for flight testing, PTDI will also prepare two other prototypes to be used as a vehicle for fatigue test and static test. PTDI will conduct 3000 cycle fatigue tests to be able to get a Type Certified in 2019, so that in the same year it can be ready to enter the market.