MoD Order One NAS-332 C1+ from PTDI to Add TNI AU Strength

MoD Order One NAS-332 C1+ from PTDI to Add TNI AU Strength
NAS-332 Super Puma Helicopter belonging to the TNI AU's 6th Air Squadron. Image source: PTDI. - The 6th Air Squadron of Air Force (TNI AU) at the Atang Sendjaja Air Base, Bogor will get one additional power of NAS-332 C1+ Super Puma helicopter purchased from PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI).

The helicopter sale and purchase contract was signed today (Friday, 4/12/2019) by the Commitment Making Officer, Defense Ministry's Defense Facility, Brigadier General Bambang Kusharto and PTDI's Commercial Director, Irzal Rinaldi Zailani.

This sale and purchase contract includes training for pilots and technicians, as well as technical publications and parts.

NAS-332 C1+ is equipped with Avionic Glass Cockpit, Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) optical sensor, and Flight Management System (FMS) technology. This helicopters also have instruments used by pilots to arrange flight plans covering the path that the helicopter will pass.

Other features available at this heli are like; SAR Direction Finder to capture ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) signals, NVG (Night Vision Goggle), Weather Radar and Emergency Floatation to make emergency landings on water.

The NAS-332 C1+ Super Puma helicopter is capable of flying for four hours with a maximum speed of 306 km / hour.

About payload, the multipurpose heavy transport helicopter was able to carry 18 troops and 3 crew (pilots, copilots and air navigator). Besides to military transport, this helicopter can carry out air cargo missions, paratroop transport, medical evacuation, and VIP transport.

Super Puma will also be equipped with a Hoist on the right side of the door to pull or evacuate the victim. Besides that, this helicopter also has a sling that serves to carry goods or tactical vehicles with a maximum load of 4.5 tons.

"The signing of this contract is the commitment of PTDI to be able to always meet the operational needs and main tasks and functions of TNI AU which is a manifestation of increasing the independence of the domestic defense industry," said PTDI President Director, Elfien Goentoro.

In total, PTDI has sent seven AS332 Super Puma helicopters to the Ministry of Defense to operate by 6th Air Squadron of TNI AU. The seven units consist of series C1, L1 and C1e.