Flypast over Zapin Monument, The Jupiters Greeted Pekanbaru Residents

Flypast over Zapin Monument, The Jupiters Greeted Pekanbaru Residents
Seven The Jupiters's KT-1B Woong Bee aircraft together with two Hawk 100/200 12th Squadron make formation flights and flypast on Zapin Monument. Image source: Air Force Information Service.

AVTEN - In the flight to Langkawi, Malaysia, The Jupiters (official name: Jupiter Aerobatic Team/ JAT) stop-in at Roesmin Nurjadin Air Base, Pekanbaru, Thursday (3/21/2019). The arrival of the Indonesian Air Force's aerobatics team in the sky of Lancang Kuning Earth was welcomed by two fighter planes Hawk 100/200 Black Panther of 12th Squadron.

Seven JAT's KT-1B Woong Bee planes together with two Hawk 100/200 then formed formation and flypast on Zapin Monument, the icon of Pekanbaru city. This amazing action, as a symbol of JAT's greeting to Pekanbaru residents.

Jupiter Leader, LtC. Marcellinus A.K Dirgantara expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic welcome of Pekanbaru residents.

"We beg you to do so that the activities in Langkawi can run smoothly. So that when we return from Langkawi, we can perform again in Pekanbaru," he said.

Meanwhile, the 12th Squadron Commander, LtC. Asri E. Rangkuti said that what was done by the 12th squadron was a special welcome for the JAT.

"Many JAT members are from the 12th Squadron, so when The Jupiters arrive, we like welcoming our own family," he said.

The presence of JAT in Lancang Kuning Earth is the second time. Previously, in 2017 JAT had also stop-in at Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin on his flight to Langkawi. It's just that at that time there was no greeting from the 12th Squadron.