9 New Aircraft Will Strengthen the 4th Squadron of Indonesian Air Force

9 New Aircraft Will Strengthen the 4th Squadron of Indonesian Air Force
NC 212-200 aircraft fleet of 4th Squadron/Light Transport of TNI AU. Image source: AVTEN/Ery.

avten.asia - The 4th Squadron 4 / Light Transport of Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) based at Abdulrachman Saleh Air Base, Malang, reportedly this year will be added to its strength by presenting nine new aircraft units.

The news was revealed directly by Abdulrachman Saleh Air Force Base Commander, First Marshal, Hesly Paat, Monday (3/4/2019).

He explained, that planes consisted of two types, namely four unit of NC 212-200 Aviocar aircraft and five unit of amphibious aircraft. Unfortunately, he hasn't mentioned in detail the type of the intended seaplane. But the name that once appeared was the Beriev Be-200 Altair, a Russian manufacturer.

"We are preparing the facilities and infrastructure. The facility is being prepared in 4th Squadron, (the unit) which will receive the addition of new aircraft, namely CASA 212 and amphibious aircraft," Hesly said, as quoted by detik.com on Monday (3/4/2019).

This Air Force Academy (AAU) alumnus of 1989 explained that this the squadron nicknamed Swallow currently strengthened with 12 units of the CASA 212 aircraft (Indonesian Aerospace-Airbus cooperation program).

"There are already 12 units, and then will added four more units. Well, there are 16 CASA aircraft in total," he added.

Regarding amphibious aircraft, Hesly said that in the era of the 70s the TNI AU used to be strengthened by two of these types of aircraft, namely PBY-5A Catalina and UF-2 Albatross.

"If (TNI AU) used to be strengthened Albatross in the 1970s, now with the same type, the plan will be owned by Abdulrachman Saleh (AFB), the seaplane," said Hesly.

According to him, the two aircraft have reliable capabilities in helping the TNI AU operation mission. "Amphibious (aircraft) will be able to support the TNI AU on land and at sea," he said.